Disclosure Statement

1. A document explaining the rules of an IRA in plain, nontechnical language. This must be provided to the IRA owner at least seven days before the IRA is established, or it can be provided to the IRA owner at the time the IRA is being established providing the IRA owner is given seven days within which he/she may revoke the IRA.

2. A document outlining the specific terms and conditions of a loan, including the interest rate of the loan, any loan fees, the amount borrowed, insurance, prepayment rights and the responsibilities of the borrower.

1. The disclosure statement must include information relating to IRA fees, IRA distribution rules and penalties, eligibility requirements for establishing an IRA and the general rules of an IRA.

2. This document must be sent by the lender to the borrower before the loan proceeds are disbursed.

Investment dictionary. . 2012.

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